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johnpaul7287 posted Fri at 0:19


There will be an event tomorrow, friday, October 20th, details will be provided prior, however, the award will be one month of subscriber, be present in the discord for more details.

Cheers and goodluck :)

johnpaul7287 We are currently switching hosts to provide a better experience.
sharecode214 Yeah, why?

Server Status

johnpaul7287 posted Oct 16, 17

Server Wipe

Hey guys, I want to let you know what the current situation is going to be regarding the content update and the wipe of player data. First of all, a community-based poll was run on whether the server should be wiped or not before the content patch, 77% of voters voted in favor of a wipe, let me make some clarifications as to what this means -

The server will have a temporary wipe, similar to what has been seen in the past; there will be double drop rates, increased drop count of rift shards to account for the fact that it will only be temporary, we do not want the community to feel as if they’re wasting time grinding only to lose their progress. The staff team has established a few goals that we would like to gain perspective on during this temporary wipe, which will allow us to increase the quality of the wipe that will come with the official content patch -

  • Balance the new equipment stats, with reduced damage on tier three weapons, and fixes to rarities and damages not corresponding with each other in an accurate manner (60-60 rare t3 swords, 1-1 common t1 swords, 190-200 rare t5 swords etc.)
  • Test damage reduction on shields, to make sure that the values won’t end up being overpowered in a real wipe.
  • Evaluate the new stat values and attributes given by VIT, DEX, STR and INT and check to see that they are all balanced with each other.
  • To test out a new dungeon key system; where a key is required to enter a dungeon that can be gained by farming mobs of a corresponding tier, this will hopefully prevent mass farming of dungeons to boost progression early game, portal key shard drops and or white scroll costs will also be evaluated during this process.
  • Ensure that the scrap requirements for tiered orbs are balanced, and don’t overlap tiers even further.
  • And finally, to iron out any remaining bugs with the existing content, and continue to work on the anticheat.

With this intermission we hope that we will be able to give you guys the best possible experience when the content patch comes, in the meantime, we thoroughly appreciate everybody's patience and allegiance.

The server will be wiping (along with the ban list) on Saturday, October 21st at 12PM Pacific Standard Time (10/21/17)

FightLand5313 SUB So you mentioned that the 10/21/17 is the temporary wipe, when is the permanent wipe?
YoruTheDragon so are you telling me that i voted for a wipe saw that it won and so i dropped all my stuff since it was gonna go away a...
jbucki97 unban me off discord


johnpaul7287 posted Oct 13, 17

Hello Andalucians,

As many of you already know, Dungeon Realms is now under new ownership, with that said, numerous members of the staff team are no longer with us, including our previous community manager, logon1027. I’m pleased to announce that I will be taking over his role. Essentially, what this means is that I will be helping to serve as a link between the community and the management team, with that said, I would like to clarify that this does not mean I am the only link, the new server owners are very friendly and communicable. On a further note, it is my hope that I will be able to meet the community's expectations in terms of consistency and dissemination of thoughts and ideas, and that you will grow to see me as an asset to the team. Furthermore, feel free to contact me at anytime with thoughts or ideas and I will get back to you as soon as I’m available, a public meeting will be held in near times, I will be relaying more information to you guys in the near future, expect a post regarding the update, and wipe details.

K1ll3rN3rd Did kayaba ban me from the discord or nah fam?
GottaGoPK SUB+SUB Oooo Daddy Yes
Zercon rip dr we got a big noob
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