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Status Update

Kneesnap posted Mon at 3:24

Hello everyone,

Time for a status update! Recode testing is going well. We still plan to release fully at the end of February, with a closed testing period within the next week or two.

There are lots of changes, bugfixes, and a small amount of new content in this recode.

Most importantly, the recode will allow us to focus on creating new content instead of fixing bugs once released. You're free to see the current source code (which we've linked below) if you don't believe we need a recode, haha.

Live DungeonRealms Source Code: - Vaquxine / Minecade - CherryIO / DestinyMC

We look forward to an incredible next wipe, filled with lots of new end-game content.


The DungeonRealms Team.

Andrewzz3 Very clean
JuKa_RJ Hello, could you please post a video tutorial on how to connect the server? Thank you very much in advance!

Hello Everyone!

The Game and Discord rules have been updated February 4, 2018. These changes are liable to change as we progress.

» Replaced Harrassment's offenses with Disrespecting Staff penalties.
- 1st Offense: 1 Hour Temporary Mute
- 2nd Offense: 6 Hour Temporary Mute
- 3rd Offense: 1 Day Temporary Ban

» Editted Offensive Usernames / Skins penalties:
- 1st Offense is a warning.
- 2nd Offense is a permanent, You must make a ban appeal to remove your ban.

» Hacking penalties have been changed:
- 1st Offense: 30 Temporary Ban
- 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban
- 1st Offense: Permanent ban

» Real world trading:
- Attempting/Memeing: 1 week temporary ban
- Real: Permanent Ban
*Disclaimer: Writing off an action or statement as a joke will not excuse you from any punishments

» Added Spamming & Pinging others to Discord-rules:
- 1st Offense: 15-30 Minute Temporary Mute
- 2nd Offense: 2 Hour Temporary Mute
- 3rd Offense: 6 Hour Temporary Mute
- 4th Offense: 24 Hour Temporary Mute (Continuously)

» Added Advertising to Discord-rules:
- 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

» Removed Scamming from the Game rules, Trust Issue is now in place.
» Removed Disrespecting Staff rule from Game-rules, Harassing Staff members will resort in Harassment.
» Safespotting will remain in the rules until Mobs can attack players abusing the environment.
» Rule #15 Threats has been renamed to DDOS Threats.
» Revamped overall Discord penalties.
» Added a new channel #Toxic (+18).
» Balance and Features are now a single channel.

New channel for toxic players:
The Staff team has decided and agreed to allow players who are above age and that are not easily offended by others to have a seperate channel where messages in #toxic will be less strictly enforced, however situations like constantly pinging staff members, sending pornographic content, or being extremely excessive with language are still intolerable and can get that user penalized.

See the changes in

DungeonRealms Recode

Kneesnap posted Jan 27, 18  -  dungeonrealmsfuturerecode


For the last 2 two months, our development team has been hard at work recoding the entirety of DungeonRealms from the ground up. We have reached our goal and will be starting internal testing for the first few weeks of February. After that, in mid-February, we will have a closed testing shard for players to test the new code, content, and fixes. The recode will allow us to implement new content unlike ever seen before.

We plan to wipe and release this new code at the end of February, with following updates.

Our two biggest planned updates are:

 - The Guild Update (Guild Wars, Guild Villages, Guild Rankings)

 - The Dungeon Update (Up to 7 new dungeons will be released gradually.)

We look forward to these amazing updates we have planned, we think they will fix how the game is played.

Stay tuned for more information,

The DungeonRealms Team

TheIronStarks I hope you removed leveling. Like I know it doesn't even play a big part in the game, but no one wants to see that ...
E_N_T_I_T_Y wow guild villages that ought to be really fun, cant wait
JuKa_RJ Enter a PVE mode, sure many will like it.
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