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Easter Update!

iFamasssxD posted Apr 12, 17

Hey everyone, Ingot and I are excited to announce an Easter Update!

All mobs will now have a chance to drop Easter Eggs!

Easter Eggs are a fun little item that can be thrown at the ground to spawn your very own Easter Bunny! After a few seconds your Easter Bunny will vanish and he will leave you with a random prize!


Prizes from these eggs can range from Tier 1 Scrap all the way up to Tier 5 White Scrolls!

These special eggs will drop until Wednsday, April 19th, get them while you can!

PSwag Will the eggs still work after the event ends? Worth saving for collectors or future auctioning?
antelopeking Is the drop rate the same for all mobs?
iTzPepperony White Scrolls are the ones that protect the equipment, right? So will it be possible to get T2 Protect Scroll from the E...

Hello my fellow Dungeon Realms players,

New Ownership

The ownership of Dungeon Realms has been handed over to iFamasssxD and Ingot both of which have been playing Dungeon Realms since the original closed beta release many years ago. 

What does this mean for you as player? It means that you can expect updates and new content on a regular basis. Our aim is to fix all of the remaining bugs and rework the balancing issues that have been a part of Dungeon Realms.

Is the server going to wipe?

Based on the results of the recent community poll, with the outcome of 82% of the voters being in favor of wiping the server, we have decided to do so. However, this wipe-cycle will be a temporary thing and will not last for as long as the current wipe. To compensate that, mobs will have 2x the Drop Rates as well a 30% increased Profession EXP rate. This wipe will last until our world update, along with some other content we're working on, is ready. (Approx. 1 Month or more) At the same time, as I mentioned above, we will be releasing updates on a regular basis.

The server will wipe 10AM (EST) on 2017-04-09, make sure to be there!

K1ll3rN3rd Although if I were a true gamer, I wouldn't even sleep.
K1ll3rN3rd Wipes 12:00 midnight for Australia, I cry ever time.
Rojema SUB wipe on sunday? seriously? u couldnt make i friday so people can no life it? also wipe ban list (: or expect alot of alt...

Hello my fellow Dungeon Realms players!

As you may already have heard, we are going to be hosting an event this upcoming Saturday!

Championship of Cyrennica

The battle will take place in Cyrennica where you will all fight to the death! You will spawn in the bank with the same equipment and will have to use the orbs of alteration provided in order to improve your equipment. It is important that you are here in time in order to orb your equipment. The battle will begin 20 minutes after the opening of the event shard. 

The last man standing will be known as the champion of Cyrennica and will receive the ancient kings royal axe as a reward and a lot of bragging rights.
The champion will also receive 180 days of subscriber+ and 5000 E-Cash (in addition to the other rewards).

The player with the most kills will receive: 120 days of subscriber+ rank as well as 2500 E-Cash.
The player with the 2nd most kills will receive: 90 days of subscriber rank as well as 1000 E-Cash.
The player with the 3rd most kills will receive 60 days of subscriber rank as well as 500 E-Cash.
The players with 4th and 5th most kills will receive 30 days of subscriber rank.
We will also be launching buffs throughout the event on the normal game shards and the icing on the cake is that throughout the event we will have a 25% off all items in the shop!

Throughout the event participants (and stream viewers) can win 30 days of the subscriber rank.

Click me to see when the event starts!

I hope that you're all able to come and join us during the first of many events to come!

Yours faithfully,
The Dungeon Realms Team.

Lejoparden011 This is going to be dope!
iTzPepperony Everbody will spawn with the same equipment? Like T1 for all players?
MooSpill oooo
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