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Next Wipe Details

AsianBajan posted Jun 25, 18

Hello everyone, the wipe detailed in the previous announcement will occur on Saturday, June 30th, at Noon PST. On the day before the wipe, we will host a party event, and increase drop-rates.

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Hello everyone, 

We would like to give a status update on DungeonRealms, and what to expect from us.

First off, we plan to wipe for summer vacation very soon. We will not give an ETA until we are completely ready to wipe, although most of these changes are already complete.


Changes for Next Wipe:

- Longbows have been removed.

- Old Guild System [The Guild Update will be added later].

- Trinkets have returned, although they are very different than before.

- Beacon Buffs have returned, although they work in a different way.

- Power Moves have returned [Power-Strike and Whirlwind].

- The red chaotic force-field has returned.

- Many bug fixes.

- Realms have further customization options, and the realm shop has been improved.

- New monster health bars.

- Changed Protection Scroll prices.

- Changes to some monster speeds.

- Reflect nerf [Reflect now deals less damage].


This wipe, we will begin advertising to draw players back to DungeonRealms as we work on new updates. Many of you have been wondering if we plan to have YouTubers film again. I’m happy to announce that VintageBeef, W92Baj, Guude, and PauseUnpause have agreed on terms to film another series. We are in the process of writing a contract for them, and they plan to start filming following the first couple of weeks next wipe.


Future Plans:

- Return of Rifts. [We hope to implement these on release for the start of next wipe. However, we are not completely confident we will have enough time to properly balance some of their changed mechanics.]

- Ranged weapon rework. [Staves or a new ranged weapon may be added.]

- Levels will be integrated in a much more fun way, with the goal of rewarding players who level instead of just punishing players who don’t. This may involve being integrated with Guild Wars.

- Upcoming quest and lore development. [For those interested in writing quests or lore, please message a staff member.]


The major updates you're all excited for are the Guild Update and the Dungeon Update.

The Guild Update:
Our objective with the guild update is to address the fundamental issue which has plagued DungeonRealms since the beginning: There is little to no end-game content.
We plan to make the guild update fill this content void with a complicated network-wide event where guilds compete for honor and glory, known as Guild Wars.

How will this fix the end-game problem?
DungeonRealms' progression up until this point has always been: "Get better gear". There was no explicit purpose given by the game that you used the gear for, besides getting better gear. We think by adding a new dimension, by giving gear a purpose, that is the best way we can extend the end-game.

What purpose do we intend to give this gear?
This is where Guild Wars come in. Guild Wars will be network-wide events which happen every few weeks, where guilds compete to control settlements across the map. These events will take hours, so guilds will need to gather loads of resources (gear, scrap, certain other things related to guilds we'll announce later, etc). We also plan to capitalize further on more sinks, such as scrap (you’ll get limited use out of your item, so you will still have to get more).

This skips over much of the mechanics of guild wars, which we will go over later, but we hope this solves DungeonRealms’ most difficult balance problem.


The Dungeon Update:
Our objective for this update is to change the purpose of dungeons in the game. Dungeons as they currently stand are boring. We have already developed a cutscene system and a dungeon puzzle system; the possibilities we see are endless.

We hope to infuse much of what made Kashi's old lore events great into the dungeon experience. Although, we plan to go further than Kashi's old events.

We hope to include story, puzzles, music, cutscenes, and custom boss fights [With highly curated boss AIs unique to each boss, but also boss fights similar to what's seen in games like The Legend of Zelda.].

We are once again on the edge of Minecraft-Innovation :DrFace:
We plan to re-master every single dungeon from the ground up, where all mechanics of the dungeons will be redesigned with our new design principles (listed below).

We also plan to release several new dungeons with the update.

We have five new dungeons already built:
- Scorched Ascent - T1
- The Conjurer's Chapel - T2
- The Sanguine Brotherhood - T3
- The Dreaded Mines of Avalon - T4
- The Lost Halls of Torment - T5

We may build more dungeons to release with this update, but this is all we have at this time.

Design Principles:
- Each dungeon should be unmistakably unique.
- Each dungeon should be of high enough quality that people will play them not just because of the reward, but because of how fun they are.
- Each dungeon should either tell its own story or forward DungeonRealms main lore.
- Dungeons should be possible to complete with a party of 4-6 players with [decent] gear that matches the dungeon tier. [End-game dungeons such as Gorgath would not be subject to this principle when we design them.]



The DungeonRealms Team

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Hello! For the first time since 2014, we're happy to bring back DungeonRealms Developer Streams.

Our first stream will be hosted by me, on Sunday May 13 at 1PM PST. I will be streaming the creation of the new guild system, and be answering quests about both DungeonRealms and development.

Please follow our twitch profile, here.

Hope to see you there!

~The DungeonRealmsTeam

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