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Next Wipe: 12/5/2018

AsianBajan posted Sun at 14:50

DungeonRealms will wipe on Saturday, December 15th, at 12 PM PT. Make sure to be there!


Our next focus is working on Guild Wars.

GDK_Porfyria this is fuckedup in so many levels.. you need to advertise the server with youtubers and streamers so it dosn't die...

Halloween Event

AsianBajan posted Oct 27, 18

Halloween Event

Map Changes

Halloween is here in Andalucia! Some areas of the map have been updated to reflect the night of fright! Make sure to visit Gloomy Hollows or trick or treat in Cyrennica before the event ends!

Halloween Sweets

-Upon killing a mob, it may rise from the dead, with a Jack O’ Lantern mask. These mobs will always drop candy.

-Players can unwrap the sweets by right clicking them.

- The tricks and treats which can be obtained from candies are quite varied, ranging from loot buffs to protection scrolls.


Scavenger Hunt

Special Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns has been scattered across different areas in Andalucia! Be on the lookout adventurers; finding and screenshotting yourself with these Lanterns can yield special Halloween rewards!

E.G: make sure both your location and the coordinates are clear! Unclear screenshots are subject to disqualification. Rewards will be given out after the Halloween event.

MrCyberian Where do we submit the screenshots?

We would like to give a status update on DungeonRealms, and what to expect from us. 

We are preparing for a wipe very shortly. Here’s what to expect:


DISCLAIMER: It is highly recommended that you read all of the patch notes, as this update has significantly affected many gameplay mechanics. Some of these changes may be altered slightly prior to the wipe.






Rifts have returned! Rift Tears remain similar to before, but are announced cross-shard when they spawn.


Rift Passages:

Fight a colossal titan boss by combining the Portal Fragments dropped from Rift Tears. This fight is different from the original Rift Lurker fight, are you up to the challenge?



Obtained from killing Rift Lurkers and Rift Titans, shields can be equipped in the offhand slot. They have similar stats to helmets and boots, but have extra stats that only activate while the shield is raised, such as damage reduction. While your shield is raised, your energy will not regen.



Trinkets have returned as well! They feature different effects, and several other differences.


Slot Trinkets: 

Type: Circlets

Equip by placing in your top left inventory slot. (Trinket Slot)


Fusion Trinkets:

Type: Runes, Gloves, Lures

Equip by placing on top of an applicable piece of gear.

Unequip a fused trinket by right-clicking the piece of equipment.

Clue Scrolls

Type: Combat, Mining, Fishing

-These provide objectives that may be completed for trinket rewards

Clue Scrolls have a chance to drop upon any of the following:

Killing T4 or T5 monsters.

Mining Ore

Catching Fish




T1: Mitsuki's Stronghold (Plains of Cyrene)

T2: Bandit Camp (Plains of Cyrene)

T3: Sacrificial Temples (Dreadwood)

T4: Scorched Plateau (Arid Expanse)

T5: Hallowburg Door (Dead Peaks)

Sacrificial Altars can be found in the locations listed above.

Tributing gear of the same type summons a new item of the same tier, which a chance of increasing the rarity. (4 Common -> Uncommon, 3 Uncommon -> Rare, 3 Rare-> Epic, 2 Epic -> Legendary). Additionally, if you tribute armor, and all armor is HP/s, the outcome is guaranteed to be HP/s. (Vice-Versa for Energy). If the ritual fails, the gear will be lost.


Broken Equipment:

In the past, when your item reached zero durability, it would vanish forever.

Now, when your item breaks, it will be unusable.

Broken items can be fixed at an anvil, for a price heftier than a normal repair.


Now, if an enchant scroll fails, the item will be considered broken as described above, instead of vanishing. It will also lose two enchant levels.

Zone Rework:

- Wilderness and chaotic zones have been reworked slightly, so that chaotic zones do not expand over most mountains, unpopular/unused areas, etc. The default region is now wilderness, while chaotic zones still remain in popular areas throughout Andalucia.

- Due to the zone changes, many mining and fishing spots have been relocated.

- Realms will have the alignment of the zone they are placed in.


Combat Changes

-The chaotic alignment has changed. Upon death, chaotic players will always only lose one piece of equipped gear (armor, weapon, or shield). The chaotic timer has also been reduced to 15 minutes.

-Chaotic players will also lose all profession items and any trinket equipped in the trinket slot. Neutral players will not lose profession items, but have a chance of dropping their slot trinket.

-When a player goes chaotic, a global announcement will be sent. (Example:  “AsianBajan just went chaotic at Al Sahra on US-1!”)

-When a chaotic player dies, it will be announced to everyone on the shard, and they’ll be sent to the Cyrennica safe-zone and won’t be able to leave for the remainder of their chaotic timer.

-**Upon death, the equipment that the chaotic player drops will be in the broken state.**

-Neutral players have a **chance** of dropping one piece of equipment on death (weapon, armor, or shield).

Mining Changes:

Tiered Orbs:

T1: 80x Leather Scrap (40 ore)

T2: 60x Chain Scrap (60 ore)

T3: 60x Iron Scrap (120 ore)

T4: 40x Diamond Scrap (80 ore)

T5: 20x Gold Scrap (40 ore)

-The amount of gold ore found throughout Andalucia has been increased, to compensate for the increased difficulty of collecting T5 orbs.


Combat Loggers:

-If a player disconnects in a wilderness or chaotic zone without typing /logout, an NPC will spawn at the player’s location

-A logger NPC will despawn after 15 seconds of not being hit, or when killed.

-Logging out and sharding takes 15 seconds of staying still with the /logout or /shard command

-If a player’s logger NPC is spawned, they must log back into the shard it is spawned in, or wait until it despawns or dies (at that point, the player can log into any shard)

-If a logger NPC is killed, it will behave as if the player is killed

-If a logger NPC loses health, the player will log in with the health that the logger NPC had


New Dungeon:

- A T2 dungeon has been released: "The Conjurer's Chapel". It can be accessed from The Crimson Monastery. It contains aspects such as cutscenes which may be expanded upon in other dungeons.


Miscellaneous Changes:

-Pouches have a 50% chance to drop on lawful death, and 100% while neutral or chaotic

- Damaged Anvils are anvils placed in non-safe zone locations throughout the map, and cost double to use.

-DPS has been improved for PvP, but nerfed for PvE (increased the amount of DPS found on armor, but lowered the maximum DPS against monsters)

- Large parties receive increased drop-rates again.

-Axes can roll accuracy (½ that of swords), and swords can roll piercing (½ that of axes)

-Accuracy on swords pierces dodge only, and accuracy on axes pierces block only

-Tier restrictions are now 10 levels apart instead of 5 (Tier Level restrictions will be removed later, when a replacement levelling system is finished.). As a result, the amount of EXP gained has been increased significantly.

- Elemental Monster names have changed a little bit.

-The Dark One has been moved to the Tainted Grounds behind Mure


Build Changes:

-Redeye’s Hideout rework:


-Harrison’s Field rework:


-Shimmering Grotto ravine rework:


-Dreadwood/Al Sahra border rework:


-Settler’s Interlude rework:


-Maltai Outskirts rework:


RevoSend Copyright Dungeon Realms™ 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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