The Creeper of Independence is Back!

Alecoz2 aAdminMGMBETA posted Jul 2, 14
In celebration of July 4th, the Creeper of Independence is available in the server shop. Make sure to get it while you can, as it will become unavailable again on July 6th. Don't miss out on the limited time only pet! 

crazyLs9 BETA Ha! Got it last year
trey1436 BETA i had a creeper but i lost it durring the wipes i dont have proof of i bought it either since it was gifted to me
rohan576 PMODBETA Tesla-Independence-Creeper

Patch Delta 1.8 {Fix}

mayley1996 AdminMGMBLDBETA posted May 7, 14
  • Mob Xp has been boosted significantly for higher leveled players.
  • Item drops are no longer 75% rare 1% unique for higher tiers.
  • Rollout / Reboot system has been fixed to properly automate.
  • Beta shard us-100 now has a vendor under the name of Beta Vendor who will give items to players
Some Known Bugs:
  • Neutral / Chaotic nameplates not showing required name.
  • Item Generation for T3 Legs
  • Shop wipes.
  • Infinite energy sprint.
  • Cop'jac armour not dropping properly
  • More...
thepowerofbutter can i plz get unbanned i sprint hacked and i know it was wrong i was yournger and if you dont want to unban me i under s ...
1411bruno1411 Is infinite sprint a bug? o.0
GreenMachine200 Now Why is DR Down now?

Patch 1.8 - How high can you go?

mayley1996 AdminMGMBLDBETA posted Apr 29, 14

Well after a rough patch with the few duplication glitches, "Evo" item bug, and trade toggles just not working we are proud to announce patch 1.8 - Leveling. Click here to read more

Bannavile2 thnx 4 this
508hunter So you people apparently don't understand the point of leveling because leveling is supposed to be like you level up and ...
Michael4537 Are there going to be any more wipes?

The Andalucian Times: April 2014 Edition

Alecoz2 aAdminMGMBETA posted Apr 17, 14
A new edition of The Andalucian Times has come out! Go check out what's new this month and what's to come! 

Patch 1.7

Alecoz2 aAdminMGMBETA posted Apr 13, 14
Hello there everyone! The staff has been busy with updates and bug fixes. Here is what we has been done so far! 

Keep an eye out for more updates and more bug fixes. We'll keep you updated as we continue!
dinoino Why cant i get in?
dinoino I cant Get IN!
roberto640 BETA How would one acquire one of these Quivers, Can we find them in loot chests, if so what tier. Or do we make them from sc ...
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