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The Andalucian Times: April 2014 Edition

Alecoz2 aAdminMGMBETA posted Thu at 18:51
A new edition of The Andalucian Times has come out! Go check out what's new this month and what's to come! 

Patch 1.7

Alecoz2 aAdminMGMBETA posted Apr 13, 14
Hello there everyone! The staff has been busy with updates and bug fixes. Here is what we has been done so far! 

Keep an eye out for more updates and more bug fixes. We'll keep you updated as we continue!
dinoino Why cant i get in?
dinoino I cant Get IN!
roberto640 BETASUB How would one acquire one of these Quivers, Can we find them in loot chests, if so what tier. Or do we make them from sc ...

Planned Downtime - Server Maintenance

Bradez1571 aCMAdminBETA posted Apr 9, 14
Hello everyone,

We're planning downtime for all Minecade servers whilst we do some behind the scenes maintenance.

This will result in all of the Minecade servers being down for an estimated time of 30 minutes.

dinoino I cant Get In!
DCJ1000 I am glad to say that this makes me happy. Finally we are seeing new features and updates being added.
isaac13_13 The Updates are appreciated!

UPDATE!: Finished a lot of bugfixing and resolved the item duplication issue! We will be testing and will deploy as soon as we think its safe!

Lately, DungeonRealms has been suffering from an ongoing group of people who have found a way to exploit the realms and obtain illicit amounts of Gems through these methods. During the week we will be deploying a fix and wiping these players from DungeonRealms and all players affected. There might be a wipe, but we will do our best to avoid it. 

Recently we have added a new Developer to the team that will be helping address these issues and upload the patch ASAP. The GM team will be posting forum updates and we will be updating this news thread as we work. If you are one of the people exploiting the system we hope you are having fun by ruining the experience of other players trying to have fun at DungeonRealms. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will resolve this issue / remaining bugs this week.

We hope you understand and thank those who are still with us. We have some huge changes in the month of March that will introduce a lot of new players to a more stable and bug free DungeonRealms environment. Most bugs are due to 1.7.4 changes which we are working around the clock to fix :)

Thanks, and have fun!
UnoWild AdminMGMSUB++ March 30th - Party Mechanics was a PITS, so I heard the new coders say. It was rewritten and now works. Unfortunately th ...
Andrewcramer sure wipe was going to happen on Friday rule number of listening to coders/owners 1: if a coder says he will do it on ...
stringbean989 Wipe will be around 10 pm today usa time!
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