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It's time for Polls!

As promised in our original new management post, we guarnateed the community that we'd start polling features! Here's your chance to get involved! Please take the time to complete the below Polls!

Here's some pictures of Beta. :-)

Guild Interface

View more here

Below is an example of the new Item lore. NOTE: This is NOT final, and will be changed a bit the future.


Advanced Combat Log. :-)

Comment below with feedback! :-)

kikinjoy17 Shouldnt there be percentages after some of the stats on the item lore pictures?
Nyantaaa BETA Lovely stuff! only thing I don't like is the new item lore glad its not final though ...
Hunter_derp Alpha Why are you even suggesting these ideas? Is this what you have been working on for the past month? If so I am terribly d ...

ITS 64%!?

xFinityPro aDeveloper posted Oct 1, 15  -  10/1/2015update

The time has come!


I bring great news! GMs. Remember a-while back we advertised, "APPLY TO BECOME PMOD"??, well.. The time has come! We've ranked up a-couple individuals who have shown extreme promise and enormous dedication to the longevity of the game! Note: These individuals have been ranked temporarily and they know this, now.. that doesn't mean they lack any power.. The current GMs are obligated to maintain and uphold the rules and regulations of DungeonRealms along with Network Bound mandates and regulations from DestinyMC. Didn't get a reply to your application? Don't worry! Once Beta is fully released we're looking into more applications!


Can you believe that we're already 64% done?.. I can't.. Anyhow.. Let's talk a little bit about Closed-Beta. ;-) I can't say much.. but I can reiterate a-couple of things. AntiDupe: Using our new Dynamic Item Unix Epoch API we've completely halted all possible duplications. NO TWO("2") Items in the-game will harbor the same Epoch time. It's impossible. And.. if two items do, they're dupe.. ;-) Duplicating will result in a[n] immediate and with-out warning ban from in-game, or maybe a troll message like so; "An unknown error occurred, try again later." followed by an inventory flush.. and a[n] embarrassing global broadcast. All options are being explored.. Performance: Closed-Beta is run completely asynchronous and will harbor the capabilities of holding upward of 200+ players per-shard. Closed-Beta contains "Closed", meaning that it's closed. To gain access to closed-beta you'll have to purchase one of the subscriber ranks, either ("sub", or "sub+"). These rank prices haven't been announced or discussed yet, but I can say that we're taking into account p2w. DungeonRealms not now nor ever in our possession will become p2w. Closed-Beta is to ensure with a controlled environment the stability of the game and its new infrastructure.




I've taken the time to speak to several different individuals around the community regarding Developer Diaries.. seems a-lot of people would like to see the videos returned! AND SO SHALL IT BE! I can't make guarantees.. but I can for SURE that they will return! The forums.. they're not forgotten! But.. we're working extremely hard on switching forum software. We're at a bit of a stalemate, deciding whether or not to incorporate live statistics from Beta and a-couple of other things, regardless the current GMs will harbor ranks soon enough!

RevoSend Alpha There is much debate as to WHEN beta is going to be coming up... Please tell us when its going to come out? Like an offi ...
Sneakydevilll Good job guys! Continue as you are doing. I am highly interested in purchasing a rank for closed beta if it's not too ex ...
DJZera Alpha you should offer closed beta to alpha and old beta players!

Hello Folks!

How's everyone today?.. Sounds good.. Anyhow, I have important news for your ears! Throughout the weeks of our recent resurrection of DungeonRealms, we've worked extremely hard with our three ("3") man development team to provide the best possible RPG experience. However, we all known the death like rubber-banding that occurs after the shards ("Server(s)") have been running awhile. Well.. I bring you good news! Actually.. great news! We've started a backend re-code of the core infrastructure of DungeonRealms, now.. You may be saying.. "WHY", "WHATS THAT MEAN", or "HOW DOES THIS IMPACT US". Let me tell you. A re-code of the infrastructure will allow us to; 1. Make quick and fast changes. 2. Add content. 3. Quickly update between versions(1.8->1.9), and much.. much more.. What do you mean by re-code of the core infrastructure? Basically.. When DungeonRealms was originally created or shortly after it was created SOME of the individuals who were deemed as "programmers" were.. Let's say learning the programming language ("Java"). This led to the shifty backend of DungeonRealms and its outrageous conventions. This is one of the main reasons that we're re-coding the infrastructure. The re-code has already started and is about 50% complete. The "re-code" was started several days ago. This shows the amount of redundant and inefficiently written code.

Once this new backend is in place our team can personally guarantee the follow;

  • Bye... Bye.. Sluggish Rubber-Banding
  • Upward of 200+ per Shard capacity.
  • Asynchronous Data Structure. (RIP MySQL).

And much more..

I won't spoil future updates but, I can say I'm really excited to see some Voxel 3d Models and hear Regional based Music. ;-) NO MORE INFO FOR YOU!

Some other things I'd like to catch up on..

Staff Applications are open and aren't being reviewed quite yet, we're waiting for more applicants to apply! In the upcoming days/weeks we'll be deciding and promoting players! Note: If you're active on teamspeak3 and submit bugs on the github you stand a far better chance!


Question & Answer - Time. ;-)

  1. Q) I lost my items!
  2. A) It's Alpha.
  3. Q) When can we donate?
  4. A) We will accept donations once we're capable of guaranteeing your rank and perk stability.


As always, remember that ALL BUGS should be reported on our Github Tracker. Here;

Also you can now use or to connect to the servers.

As always have a great day! -Lead Developer xFinityPro

As for those individuals who seek todo business by lying; Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

wh72 Cant wait to get on the shards seem to be down atm gonna try again after school ...
PlumFace Karaoke night if you weren't there i recorded a part of it. Sorry of my laug ...
jbucki97 Alpha we can update to 1.9 rip dr all over agian