Dungeon Realms is Offline

UnoWild AdminSUB++ posted May 1, 15

We have been offline to the public for a while now but have a thread listed for any Updates.


As you can see it is online but only for Developers / whitelisted Admins currently.

We are at version MC v1.8.3 currently as Tux2 works on the code and plugins and should be on the more stable version of v1.8.4 shortly.

Please refer to the link above for any updates, thanks.

juiceboxXXL *cough* cough* Dupers will come back *cough* cough*
littleyoshy i hope it is still like old Dr, i mean i do like how you have to lvl up to wear the next teir in all but i hope too much ...
sonicboom842 @Kurit0 I totally agree with you, Ive played many MMO servers but non of them come even close to the caliber that Dungeo ...

December 2014 Andalucian Times

boophis aSupportAdminSUB++ posted Dec 14, 14

Dungeon Realms' long awaited release from its downtime is almost here.

Find out what the latest up and coming news is for DungeonRealms

and its players in December's edition of the Andalucian Times.

Patch 1.9 - balancing the scales

mayley1996 V I PBETA posted Aug 4, 14




We have reached that time again when Dungeon Realms has finally got to the stage that we can release our patch onto the live servers. We thank players for their feedback and have adjusted accordingly to give better gameplay for you the players. Take a look at both the New, Changed and Fixed features below and give more feedback in this thread for us to take a look at. We hope you enjoy the new patch and the changes, and will continue to provide updates to improve on gameplay.

Also make sure to check out the update on Questing for patch 2.0 by clicking here


  • Added in Admin Bazooka.
    • This is used to ban those pesky rule breakers from a distance. Collateral damage is an unfortunate event we must deal with
    This is a troll 


  • Balanced out Armour & Weapons for all tiers.
    • Tier 4 - 5 values have been lowered from the beta testing period and are now closer together rather than ~20k between Unique T4 & Unique T5
    • There is no more overlap between rarities and tiers. This means that no longer will you find Rare items better than Unique, or Unique items better than common of the next tier.
    • Please note that Custom Named armour still needs to be updated and will be patched within the week.

  • The Level Requirements for wearing gear have changed from every 20 levels to every 10. This means T5 is now level 40.


  • Added in Stats. 
    • You gain 6 stats per level which can be spent in the menu by typing /stats. These are permanent and be reset at the Wizard NPC in cyrennica.
    • We have also changed around the attributes you can get from stats and the extact values from each. These can be seen by going into the /stats menu.


  • New Leveling Algorithm for both required XP and Mob Xp.
    • The change now means that players get XP relevant to their level in relation to the mobs level.
    • You now get XP from all mobs however for mobs 10 levels or higher than you it is capped as if the mob was only 10 levels higher.



  • Added in Guild Recruitment Chat by using /gr [this was done in an earlier hotfix]


  • Added in Food Vendor that sells Hp/s food in bundles of 4
    • Hp/s food is only usable outside of combat and while standing still so moving will cancel the event.

Bug Fixes

  • Horses, Mules will be returned if you put it in the Ecash storage
  • Duplication bug from Patch 1.9 and /Server
  • /Server being used to skip sharding timers
  • Pistons not showing in realm shop
  • Chaotic players not being kicked from a realm that is a safezone
  • Arrows not applying the correct additional % damage
  • Infinite Arrow bug
  • Buying Protection Scroll
  • Using 2 arrows from a quiver
  • Soulbound items not being droppable in dungeons (just drop it on the floor)
  • Trade chat toggles being disabled
  • Shop Wipes
  • Party Xp
  • Party Xp Range


The Creeper of Independence is Back!

Alecoz2 aAdminBETA posted Jul 2, 14
In celebration of July 4th, the Creeper of Independence is available in the server shop. Make sure to get it while you can, as it will become unavailable again on July 6th. Don't miss out on the limited time only pet! 

Patch Delta 1.8 {Fix}

mayley1996 V I PBETA posted May 7, 14
  • Mob Xp has been boosted significantly for higher leveled players.
  • Item drops are no longer 75% rare 1% unique for higher tiers.
  • Rollout / Reboot system has been fixed to properly automate.
  • Beta shard us-100 now has a vendor under the name of Beta Vendor who will give items to players
Some Known Bugs:
  • Neutral / Chaotic nameplates not showing required name.
  • Item Generation for T3 Legs
  • Shop wipes.
  • Infinite energy sprint.
  • Cop'jac armour not dropping properly
  • More...

Patch 1.8 - How high can you go?

mayley1996 V I PBETA posted Apr 29, 14

Well after a rough patch with the few duplication glitches, "Evo" item bug, and trade toggles just not working we are proud to announce patch 1.8 - Leveling. Click here to read more

The Andalucian Times: April 2014 Edition

Alecoz2 aAdminBETA posted Apr 17, 14
A new edition of The Andalucian Times has come out! Go check out what's new this month and what's to come! 

Patch 1.7

Alecoz2 aAdminBETA posted Apr 13, 14
Hello there everyone! The staff has been busy with updates and bug fixes. Here is what we has been done so far! 

Keep an eye out for more updates and more bug fixes. We'll keep you updated as we continue!
Hello everyone,

We're planning downtime for all Minecade servers whilst we do some behind the scenes maintenance.

This will result in all of the Minecade servers being down for an estimated time of 30 minutes.


UPDATE!: Finished a lot of bugfixing and resolved the item duplication issue! We will be testing and will deploy as soon as we think its safe!

Lately, DungeonRealms has been suffering from an ongoing group of people who have found a way to exploit the realms and obtain illicit amounts of Gems through these methods. During the week we will be deploying a fix and wiping these players from DungeonRealms and all players affected. There might be a wipe, but we will do our best to avoid it. 

Recently we have added a new Developer to the team that will be helping address these issues and upload the patch ASAP. The GM team will be posting forum updates and we will be updating this news thread as we work. If you are one of the people exploiting the system we hope you are having fun by ruining the experience of other players trying to have fun at DungeonRealms. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will resolve this issue / remaining bugs this week.

We hope you understand and thank those who are still with us. We have some huge changes in the month of March that will introduce a lot of new players to a more stable and bug free DungeonRealms environment. Most bugs are due to 1.7.4 changes which we are working around the clock to fix :)

Thanks, and have fun!