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Find the Forum / Game RULES and the latest updates, information and news about DungeonRealms.
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1390466177_breadcrumb.png Read about how DungeonRealms is being developed
and have your say in future gameplay designs.
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World Development and History, Developer Discussion and Feedback.
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By Incinerator64 Jul 7, 17
Information regarding any Game Patches.
Code fixes, Game changes etc
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All of the "The Andalucian Times" threads in one place.
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By logon1027 Jun 28, 17
The Vast Lands of Andalucia
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For all general discussions related to DungeonRealms and it's associated media.
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By Omgout Jul 28, 18
Pose any questions you may have to the developers and administrative staff of Dungeon Realms -- we'll reply!
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By blaze49023 Jan 21, 18
Game Lore
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All related discussions to Guilds, Guild forming, alliances. PvP is also discussed here, including dueling, PKing, bounties and more.
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Discuss both current and potential future quests.
Feel free to submit your ideas for new quests here.
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For all your eventing needs. Whether it be a party, an RP event or a raid. You can also search for groups and raids, LFG.
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By ArtisticCultist Nov 28, 17
Andalucias Market. Advertise your wares! Sell and buy equipment, discuss economy and trade.
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By FightLand5313 Nov 28, 17
Read and write Tutorials and Guides on how to play and experience DungeonRealms.
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By Mininglife Dec 1, 17
New to DungeonRealms? Introduce yourself! You can also advertise your social circles, guilds and clans here.
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By Healer Nov 4, 17
International Forums
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Este é o forúm oficial para todos os jogadores que falam português y Español!
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The Taverns Of Cyrennica
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Have an awesome idea for Dungeon Realms? Post it here, developers browse these forums on a regular basis!
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By ShadowSlayer2243 SUB++ Sep 5, 18
You can discuss just about anything here, within the Forum rules.
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By MissFire_ Dec 25, 17
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Do you need help with a problem you're experiencing? Our support team may be able to assist you.
Found a bug whilst playing on Dungeon Realms? Post it here so our development team can fix it.
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Found someone breaking the rules? Report them here so our enforcement team can take the appropriate action.
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By Omgout Jul 30, 18
Appeal your ban here
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By Turtles_Crap Sep 4, 18
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