This update was released in Patch 1.6-CB.

Viewing and Adding “Stats”

In order to add stats to a specific item or weapon, you must use an Orb of Alteration. To view orbs of alteration and their mechanics, please consult the “Merchant and Armor Scraps” guide for more details on orbs. These allow you to apply the stats to the item desired.

To view your stats, you can check the page in your character journal. On this page, it displays the bonuses and attributes granted by the four stats.

One page displaying some attributes, Strength and Dexterity.

Another page displaying some attributes, Vitality and Intellect.

Types of stats and their values

Currently, there is 4 stats in effect on Dungeon Realms. They are:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality
  • Intellect


Strength dictates how hard you hit with axes, the amount of armor you have, and the chance of a block.

Every strength point that is gained increases by the following value(s):

0.01% Armor
0.015% DPS for Axes
0.03% Block Chance


Dexterity determines how hard you hit with bows, your dodge chance, and your critical hit chance.

Every Dexterity point that is gained increases your stats by the following value(s):
0.03% Dodge Chance
0.015% DPS for Bows
0.005% Critical Hit Chance


Vitality determines how much HP you have and how much you hit with swords.

Every Vitality point increases the following stat value(s):

0.05% +HP
0.015% DPS on Swords


The Attribute Intellect affects staffs by adding a damage bonus and also has an energy bonus.

Every Intellect point increases the following stat value(s):

0.015% Energy
0.02% DPS on Staffs

Depending on the tiers of your weapons, certain weapons can obtain 3 or more attributes but the probability is very rare.